Monday, July 25, 2011

Morning Sky

Saw really beautiful morning sky on my way to church at suntec today!

The sky caught my attention when I looked up from the bus stop outside my grandma's house. Decided to whip out my Nikon D5100 to shoot away:

Got onto the upper deck of bus 196 and was soon clicking non-stop all the way.
I personally shoot alot out of a vehicle when I'm travelling overseas. It trained me to keep my camera stable in the moving car & keep the horizon as straight as possible. This is my first time shooting from a bus. The disadvantage is the smudges, dirts & scratch marks on the windows are hard to avoid since i can't wind down the window.

The clouds in this picture reminded me of paintings in water colours:

Clouds above our HDB estates:

 Spotted 2 folks jogging along the road:

That'll be our famous HDB The Pinnacle @ Duxton on the right:

And the Police Headquarters, Cantonment Complex on the left:

Constructions for a new hotel along the road:

The clouds continue to peek out of the office towers along tanjong pagar:

At the traffic junction beside our Fullerton Hotel:

Our Singapore Flyer across the Singapore river

Finally I got off the bus and walked towards the Suntec Convention Centre.
Looking up, i saw that the beauty is still up in the sky:

The flagpoles at the entrance of the convention centre, with the flyer in the background:

Time's up, and I went in, thanking God that I can enjoy such a display of art. :)

(Shots taken with Nikon D5100, Nikkor 18-55mm)

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