Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sydney - Night views : Circular Quay, Opera House

On our 2nd night, the guys in the company decided to bring us out of North Sydney for dinner. We took the train from North Sydney train station & alighted at the 2ns stop, Wynyard station:
We walked around a bit to get to our dinner place & here are some nice buildings along the way:
There were quite a few nice old churches in Sydney, this one here is St Patrick's Catholic church:

Old St Patrick's School Hall:

Walking through cobblestone laneways & a narrow alley to get to The Rocks.

The Rocks: One of the oldest districts in Sydney:

Old brick shop houses along The Rocks bustling with people:

A news agency, basically selling newspapers, magazines etc:

The Rocks Foodies Market on the right, nothing there now, will have to come back on the weekend:

Orient Hotel:

The old warehouses of The Rocks:


Crossing the Zebra Crossing to Circular Quay West:

Overseas Passenger Terminal:

The guys checking out the restaurants along the Circular Quay West:

The city skyline behind the Circular Quay:

And the Opera House opposite of us:

A ferry coming into Circular Quay:

We finally picked the restaurant Peter Doyle at the end of the row for our dinner, it has 2 storeys, a great view of both the Harbour Bridge & Opera House & fine seafood. I had a "winter special" that came with a wine. Went back over the weekend & took a picture of the entrance:

After dinner, we decided to walk to the Opera House just across from us:
We walked past the Circular Quay where there were many ferries to places like Darling Harbour, Manly beach, the Zoo etc. Plenty of sea gulls were in sight:

One of the ferries:

View of the Harbour Bridge from the East Circular Quay:

 View of the city skyline from the East Circular Quay:

Although it was only between 10-17degrees, it was quite cold for me who came from a tropical country, Singapore, so I was quite exited & amazed to see these heaters at a lot of outdoor restaurants that provided warmth for those eating in the open air:

Dendy Cinema, showing some films:

There were some restaurants & pubs just below/before the Opera House with some nice views:

Josh with his new haircut on the left chatting with cm on the right:

and convincing him to take a picture:

Nice & smiley :)

And that's me on the right:

cm & me:

Finally, the star, the famous building, with a few "Did you know?" posters along the way:

I thought the roofs looked like sea shells:

We walked around the Opera House & saw the beautiful moon above the waters:

We walked one round & came to the steps leading up to the theatres on top:
Josh & cm stopped to admire the arches & chat:

One of them has a classy looking restaurant:

Soaking up the atmosphere:

After strolling for an hour, we headed back towards the train station & past by a few more historical buildings:
The Customs House:

Paragon Hotel:

Ship Inn:

And stay tune for more to come :)

(Shots taken with Nikon D5100, Nikkor 18-55mm)


Lee Shaoda said...

I like what I see!!!

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Pictures are lovely!! Keep them coming in! I will stay tuned to this blogosphere :)

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thanks for the encouragement! :D