Monday, August 29, 2011

Sydney - Arrival, Night Views : North Sydney

Was sent to Sydney on a work trip last week. It was a very last minute decision, (notified just 3days before flying), so without much itinerary planned, me & my colleague Cheemeng flew on the 14th Aug 2011, on a 9.30am flight. We decided to extend our stay there for an additional 1.5days after a 5day work week. Thanks to our wonderful, thoughtful & generous Australian colleague & friend, Joshua, our stay was a fruitful & enjoyable one.  Here are some pics I managed to capture of the city life while we were there.

First meal on our Qantas Airways. Fish noodles, green papaya salad (which i found it hard to swallow), comes with yummy choc ice-cream after that too:

I was seated in the middle most seat of the middle aisle, couldn't see through the windows so CM & I were constantly switching to this channel on our personal tv to get a higher than bird's eye view from this new sky cam at the tail of the plane. We could see the plane flying above the clouds throughout the whole trip. Would be great if the resolution was higher to get an even more beautiful pic, but still, it's a great idea :) The plane has already landed at the Sydney international airport over here:

Waiting for our seat belts sign to be off:

People started to get their stuffs once the sign went off:

And here is my wonderful colleague CM, a perfect gentleman who needed to tolerate & constantly wait for me as I shoot away for the next 7 days:

Some pics of the arrival hall of the Kingsford Smith Airport, Sydney Australia:

Great service for the elderly:

People avoided me by leaving their trolley of luggage when i pointed my camera in their direction! :( Got to learn the technique of discreetness...

The queue at the taxi stand was like a dragon, so we decided to have our dinner at our familiar McDonald's in the airport instead of wait in the winter cold outside with everybody else. Some airport staff ordering here as well. Apparently they don't really serve their food on trays unless requested. I was quite amazed at how the customers managed to juggle more than 1 cup of drink & burgers to their seats.

This was the hotel that we went back to every night, just 10 mins walk from our Office, 
the Rydges North Sydney Hotel is located on 54 McLaren Street. It just has a small restaurant where we had our breakfast every morning (scrambled eggs, bacon, croissants etc), a small bar & a small lobby with free wifi. Not to forget friendly staff, well kept rooms with good quality toiletries & a really really comfortable bed.

The driveway in from McLaren Street. Turn left to Walker Street which is a long, straight, down slope path (up slope when we come back) which we take to office everyday. Turn right to Miller Street, which will eventually lead to the same place.

And our office building at the junction of Pacific Highway & Walker Street. It's just across the road from the North Sydney train station, convenient!

First evening after work, our dear friend Josh played a great host by bringing us on a tour of the area around our office in North Sydney before dinner. We dropped our bags in our hotel rooms and took the path down Miller Street. That's him on the left before he cut off his curls, beside cm on the right. 
The sky darkened really really early in winter, I believe this was only 6-6.30pm:

Josh brought us down a really narrow, dark (& dangerous looking) flight of stairs:

But when you look up, you'll find yourself staring at a beautiful sight. I told myself I'm so going to find my way back here one of the mornings to get a shot in the daylight:

And these are the views beyond the dark stairs & 'tunnel', at Lavender bay: 
The Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background, river taxis & sail boats in the foreground, hearing the light waves of relatively calm waters on a quiet & cool night of ~17degrees, 

Josh & cm walking on the jetty:

We continued along the coast towards the bridge on a really dark path without street lamps although this was only about 7pm. Despite the darkness, there were quite a few joggers along this path.
The huge pillars of the bridge:

And yup, you can see the Sydney Opera House across from here:

with its surrounding colourful city skyline:

And then we found ourselves in front of a familiar huge face, a huge picture of this was hanging on the wall of cm's hotel room! I thought it'll be a little eerie to have it stare at me every night, thank God mine was the picture of the harbour bridge! :)
Luna Park is an amusement park found just below the Harbour Bridge at North Sydney, with a Ferris wheel, some game stalls & small rides for kids. It was closed when we were there but all the lights were still on (I hope they'll switch it off at some point of time) :

Then we saw a bus stand below the bridge, It said "set down only drivers are to move to head of stand STA".

It puzzled us for a while on the meaning of it. Then a bus pulled up & passengers came down, & a light bulb went up for Josh, he said it meant that it was for alighting only, not boarding.
I suppose this was the terminal stop:

It was nearly 8pm, time for dinner, so we walked back up in search for some good food, passing by Milsons point train station, which was quite empty & quiet:

And pass this interesting classic cars shop:

The doors of this car reminded me of batman's vehicle!:

& that's a wrap for the 1st night, stay tune for more uploads in my future entries :)

(Shots taken with Nikon D5100, Nikkor 18-55mm)

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