Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sydney - Crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Rocks

Decided to climb / walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge from our hotel in North Sydney to the Rocks & Circular Quay on early sat morning, so armed with a cup of hot chocolate, we set off. I thought it looks really long & far but it actually turned out to be quite short, maybe because we were really enjoying it. Here are some shots of our walk. Hope you would enjoy it as much as I did :)

Tablet to commemorate the bridge at the base of the bridge at North Sydney near Milsons Point train station:

Traffic lights for the trains, yup the train runs across the bridge as well:

A dog statue on top of a drinking water cooler / fountain. We thought it was to commemorate a heroic dog but it turned out to be just an art piece:

Milsons Point train station:

 Stairs leading up the bridge:

 For the 2 sides of the bridge, one side is strictly for cyclists only and the other for pedestrians only. 
How very organized!

A group of cyclists gathered, all geared up to take on the bridge:
And up they went:           

Another cyclist coming down:

cm checking out the map to get his bearings right:

We went over to the cahill walk at the eastern side of the bridge which is overlooking the houses, shops & restaurants at Kirribilli:

Start of the bridge!

We were greeted with a lot of joggers:
I realised there were really a lot of people jogging in the mornings & evenings everyday, along the streets, around the coast, despite the cold. It must be one of the most popular way to keep fit here:

First glimpse of the Sydney Opera House from here:
Through the grills:

i feel so small looking at this view:

The Opera House & the many ferries:

walking further up:

Description of the constructors of the bridge:                  

These highly symmetrical & geometric structures looked kind of artistic to me:
Love this pic:

We encountered at least 3 security personnel on the bridge, that's quite a high security!

cm suggested I take shadows while we were walking and so I immediately pointed the camera to the floor & snapped one after he finished his sentence, no focusing, no recomposing, on the move, & I'm loving how well this pic turned out to be:

 View of the sea:

Circular Quay:

 Saw this building that had interesting step-like structure:
And look what one of the windows say!

Cobwebs on the fences at the base of the bridge:

And we finished walking the bridge! View on the other side:

"Australian Hotel":
Susannah Place Museum:
I just checked out this museum from here, it looks good, we should have gone in!

A drawing of the streets done in 1910:

Harrington Street:

A man doing his morning deliveries:

Harbour Rocks Store, selling aboriginal art & souvenirs:

Wine Odyssey, love the carvings:

The Argyle:

A horse trough? I believe it is a memorial for the Legacy Club that helped numerous widows, children & families after WWII.

Breakfast at the cafes at the Rocks:

Weekend Food Market at the Argyle Street:
It looks like this guy is cooking some enlarged siew mai!

Turkish sandwiches:
Burgers & sandwiches:

 Stalls selling clothes, accessories & art:

George Street:
Restaurants, Cafes, Galleries and Hotels
A phone booth:              

                   Going down Bethel Steps:                          & looking up:

The Australian Steamship Navigation Company building (ASNC),on the junction of Hickson Road and George Street:

The Rocks:

A seagull came close as we sat down to have our sandwiches by the bay:

Magnificent view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge:
And the Sydney Opera House:

A ferry leaving the Circular Quay in the background:

Hope you have enjoyed these pics as much as I did, feel free to leave a comment,
2 more posts to come! :)
(Shots taken with Nikon D5100, Nikkor 18-55mm)

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