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Sydney - North Sydney views, people, places

North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Took morning walks before work around our hotel in North Sydney & caught some shots of the buildings, people & scenery here.

Georgian House, Residential Care & Senior's Day Centre beside our Hotel at McLaren Street:

An interesting house that had fences made entirely of twigs:

The streets we walk everyday:
 McLaren street:                                                                  Slope down Walker street:

Old houses that were waiting to be demolished along the slope down walker street. I thought the one on the right looks like a witch's house in children's story books, especially so when we pass by it at night. The construction workers were putting up fences before I took these shots, & when I passed by later in the day they smiled & asked "More photos?"

Morning sun behind the houses along walker street:

This truck reminded me of Transformers!

An old fire station that was converted to a hotel : Firehouse Hotel. It had one of the more crowded bars in the evening & we had a drink with Josh on wed:
Walk up walker street, you'll reach Ridge Street:

And across of it is St Leonards Park:
A memorial to remember the heroes of WWI & WWII:

A dad playing basketball with his kids at the court in the Park:

 A bunch of really friendly Australian guys playing something at the field, I walked over & they asked if I would like to take a picture. They told me it's lawn bowl & they are the top Australian team & won the championship before (woah, is it true?) & that they are having a bachelor party here:

Where they were playing : Norths, a club that offers facilities & venue for sports & activities:

First time I'm seeing this played:

They told me their names but i forgot, oops

 A children's playground in the park:

A view of highways (Warringah Freeway & Bradfield Highway) & the Sydney Harbour at the end of the St Leonards park. Decided to play with the miniature effect on my D5100, they look like toys now, cool!

Alfred Street North,
these houses really looks like toys!:

Cable lines:
Letter boxes:
Fresh flowers at a person's garden:

I have no idea what is this, a tall pillar that looks like an old chimney at the road junction of Falcon Street:

The highways:

 Miler Street:
North Sydney Oval, a multi-use sporting facility:

The Grand Stand:

North Sydney Hotel:

 A typical bus stop:

St Mary Presbytery church:

A library!:
Old shop houses:
Taking picture of this old fountain beside the North Sydney Council Chambers when a bird flew pass, perfect!:

North Sydney Council Chambers:

Post boxes commonly seen along the streets:

And this is how they pay for their parking:

An old house that is converted into a pasta restaurant:

There's a few schools around here:

Some students jogging early in the morning. And I while i was freezing in a coat, the girls were jogging in  shorts & short sleeves! I was so amazed.

Saw some containers stacked outside a hotel, wondered what they were:

People up early getting their coffee from cafes, guys making morning deliveries.

people walking really fast to their work place:

students gathered, waiting for their friends at the bus stops:

 students waiting at the traffic junctions, i thought the hats looked kindof cute:

the busy morning traffic:

 The old court house:

and old police station:

loads of mail boxes:

         St Joseph's Convent:

 Mary Mackillop Memorial Chapel:                         

the lanes between houses:

Mount Street: a street between commercial buildings that will be filled with people during lunch time

Junction of Walker street & Pacific highway, which will normally be filled with lots of people crossing the road from the North Sydney train station:

 Outside North Sydney train station, filled with students and adults waiting for their buses:
  Loads of female students:

St Peters Presbyterian church at Blues Point Road:

Power cable lines & lamp posts on the streets:

Attempting to locate Lavender Bay that Josh took us to on our first night, i retraced my path & managed to find the short walker street behind the Harbourview hotel:
Some houses here looked like small castles to me:

And found a "Royal Art Society"! Looks like they are offering art classes too:

Finally found the same dark stairs that will lead me to a beautiful scene:

The stairs is beside this Harbourside Indian Restaurant. (interestingly this restaurant has only about 5 tables in it. And my boss ate here in his last trip and he was telling us that the chef is also the waiter & the cashier! One man show!)

that dark flight of stairs, with a man sweeping the leaves away from every step, very very very patiently:

Wahlah! It opens up to a splendid view:

A train track on the tunnel:

And a train happened to pass by while I was standing there! How timely :)

Walking through the tunnel:

 The train stopped here, I am guessing this is the terminal depot.
There were 2 workers planting some pots of plant at the fences here:

 And FINALLY, the Harbour Bridge view from Lavender Bay:

It just looks even more beautiful in this morning light:


Stay tuned for more to come! ;)

(Shots taken with Nikon D5100, Nikkor 18-55mm)

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