Friday, September 09, 2011

Sydney - signs signs signs!

I thought the many different signs along the streets of Sydney was interesting, most of which convey really very clear & specific instructions. And so I just couldn't help snapping when I see one.

"High Pedestrian Activity", with drawings! 
It reminds me of the "Reserved Seats" drawings in our MRT and buses.

"Cyclists Do Not Exceed Walking Place"

"Wrong Way Go Back"
This is my first time, it's like an "opposite one way sign"

 A bus stop sign, for boarding.
Notice the "265 buses do not stop here" below

 Another bus stop sign,
but this time it says "Set down Only Drivers Are To Move To Head Of Stand".
my australian friend said it meant that it was for alighting only.

 "70, If Variable Speed Limit Sign Is Blacked Out"
on the Harbour bridge:

Warnings on the Harbour Bridge:

"Left Lane Must Turn Left" 
I suppose it is the same as our bent arrow signs painted on the road

This was at a parking lot:

one sided "Discount Vitamins" signboard
I thought it was a mirror image and it really puzzled me until I checked this photo with a mirror & realised that it is not a mirror image but a one-sided signboard. It should look right if I was walking from the other way. Spotted such signboards at the shops around Manly Beach.

"Alcohol Free Zone",
with a time range as well! I suppose it is like our smoke free zones.

 Sign for Zebra crossings:

The many signs on the train:
1) Please take your rubbish with you...
2) Do not place feet on seats. Fines apply.
3) Transit officers & police randomly patrol trains....
4) Toxic, inflammable and / or hazardous materials are not permitted on stations & trains.
5) No smoking. Fines apply.
6) Fare evasion is a crime...
7) No alcohol permitted. Fines apply.
8) Major Delay? Phone 131.......
9) Emergency help point located at entrance to car.
10) Surveillance cameras may be in use.

  School Zone:

 Look Left and Look Right signs,
these are painted on the floor at every single traffic light, zebra crossings & road junctions!

"Left Turn On Red permitted after stopping"
Hmm I didn't really understand this:

"No Skateboarding Or Rollerblading. $300 Max Penalty"

"No Right Turn":

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