Friday, September 23, 2011

Sydney - Sunset & Manly Beach

This will be the last entry for my Sydney Trip, reserved some of my personal favourite shots (the sunset) for this, hope you'd enjoy it as much i did :)
Manly Beach : Located at North Sydney, it is just 18 minutes by ferry from Circular Quay.

We took the 5pm ferry on sat when the sun was setting, 
and the glory of God was displayed before us in a magnificent, breath-taking sunset:

Sydney Harbour Bridge bathing in the evening sun:

  The waves were really big & the ferry was very rocky when we approached nearer to the open sea:
pardon the low res videos, it took me too long to upload the high res one:

Arrival at Manly Wharf Ferry Terminal:
 St Matthew's Church near the beach:
Sea gulls were all over the place:

Finally we were greeted by loud & big waves & really cold cold strong winds at the BEACH!!!

The surfers were returning to shore as the sky becomes darker:
soaking up the atmosphere:

It became so dark so quickly that I was not satisfied that I had not enjoyed enough of the beach, so i tried shooting with the night vision mode of my Nikon D5100:
Words cannot describe enough, a picture paints a thousand words, a video paints a thousand pictures:

2 really long pipes going out to the sea:
Got my shoes soaking wet while taking these shots, feet then went numb with the cold later on:

It soon got too dark to see anything & my feet was too cold & numb & so we decided to go for dinner at one of the restaurants near the coast.

Found this really retro bakery:
reminds me of those under our flats before breadtalk came & stole them away.
Saw quite a lot of pharmacies, made me wonder why:

Taking the Ferry back to Circular Quay at Manly Wharf:

(Shots taken with Nikon D5100, Nikkor 18-55mm)
And that's a wrap! Like to specially thank Joshua & Cheemeng, for making this trip a really enjoyable experience for me! :)
Till my next post, thank YOU people, for visiting my humble little site. Feel free to leave your footprints in the comments :)
Stay tune for my next adventure!

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