Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIY wind muff for DSLR mic

Hi my friends!

Just wanna share a really quick and easy way to do a DIY wind muff for your DSLR camera mic!
Basically it's purpose is to filter off the ambient wind sound recorded by your camera's built in mic. 
I saw it selling on ebay for approx US$23(excluding the shipping fees), but I thought it looks extremely simple and not worth such a high price, so I decided to search online to find alternative sources and found a video on you tube showing how to DIY, for free!
Decided to try and test it out myself and yup, it works!

Here is how mine looks like:

And this can be done in 3 simple steps:

1) cut a small section of fur from an unwanted teddy bear (fake fur please, do not harm any animals!) :

2) Stick some blue tack around the mic. I made a fairly big square around it, you can make a smaller circle instead. It should match the patch of fur that you have cut, again, your fur can be a smaller circular patch:
3) Stick the fur onto the blue tack, and wala! You saved yourself some money !!!

I did a very simple test in front of my fan (at maximum speed) for comparison and here are my videos:

a) without the air muff:

b) with the DIY earmuff:

And here's the link to the video that I saw on youtube:

Happy experimenting and share this quick tip with your friends! =D